Data for Website Transfer (AZ, CB)

Congratulations and thank you for your purchase.

To transfer and set up the website for you, I need some information from you, so please answer the following questions.

Full Name
Email Address
Website Name
Please enter the name of the website that you have purchased below.
Domain Transfer

To transfer the domain, I will need your Namesilo account information (i.e. your username). Please enter it below!

If you do not have a Namesilo account, yet, you can
register your a free account here

I strongly suggest to transfer the domain on Namesilo to you because this will save you additional external transfer fees. If you want to transfer the domain to your own registrar, you can of course also do that, but you will have to pay the annual registration fee plus (potentially) transfer costs. In this case, please type "my registrar".
Please let me know if you want to transfer the website to your own hosting or if you prefer to get the hosting from me for $120/year (included for BIN buyers).

Click here to get hosting for $120/year
Your Amazon Affiliate ID
You can find your Amazon affiliate ID on the top right of the page when you login to your Amazon Associates account. Please enter your Amazon affiliate ID below.

If you have not yet joined the Amazon Associates Program, you can join for free here:
Clickbank Ads
Please create a Clickbank account here, if you do not have one, yet.

If you want to create rotating, self-updating, easy to install Clickbank ads please create a Clickbank Ads account here. ($29.95, one-time fee).

If you do not want to spend $29.95 you can also create your Clickbank ads manually or get codes from partner websites. In this case, make sure that you check and update your Clickbank ads regularly.
YouTube API
If you want to continue to curate videos for your website, please insert your YouTube API below.

Learn how to create a YouTube API here.

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